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Even as technology evolves and most everybody owns a vehicle that utilizes fobs or smart keys, we still manage to be outsmarted by these devices. In 2012 alone, AAA estimates they rescued over four million members who somehow managed to lock their keys in their car. And this ridiculous number doesn’t include non-members who have to call their New Hampshire locksmith when they lock themselves out of their car. What is even more eye-opening is that these numbers aren’t decreasing any time soon. What these statistics indicate is that even with technology, we will still manage to lock ourselves out of our cars and trucks. And really, there is no shame in that.

These new smart keys provide auto owners with a long list of conveniences including stored driver profiles, remote start and keyless entry, but the risks of a lockout still remain. So it is still in your best interest to have the number of your New Hampshire locksmith handy, you know, just in case.

Being locked out of your car or truck is never a pleasant experience. Even in this age of technology when all you do is call your locksmith from your cell phone (provided that wasn’t locked in your vehicle as well), then paly a few games of Candy Crush or Angry Birds while waiting for the arrival of your locksmith, it is still frightening to think you are locked out of your car. Remember, this isn’t the good old days when a good samaritan could help you out with  a piece of wire or Slim Jim, you need a professional to retrieve your keys from a modern car.

So if you accidentally lock your keys in your car, simply give us a call.




Whether extracting a broken key from the ignition or cutting dealer replacement keys, our locksmiths and technicians are extremely good when it comes to automotive locks.

There is an awful lot more to commercial locks and door security than you might imagine. We deal with everything from keyless remote entry systems and emergency doors to commercial door locks.

Specializing in home locksmith services, we are available for everything from installing new locks and door hardware and lock re keying to keyless entry systems.

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