At some point or another, you will likely be the victim of a lockout. That is, at some point you will be giving us a call because you locked yourself out of your house or car. But before you finally decide to find a phone and give us a ring, here are a few things you will probably do first. After all, getting locked out of your car or home calls for more than just a calm phone call to your Massachusetts locksmith.

Let’s get this out of the way. No matter how vehemently you deny it, there will be at least a moment of panic¬†involved when you lock yourself out of your car or home. If there is no panic, you really must have nerves of steel.

After your initial bout of panic, you will likely suffer the denial stage. This is the stage in which you cannot believe you just locked yourself out of your car or home and try vainly to open each and every door. After you have tried each door on at least three different occasions, you realize you really are locked out and then here comes the anger stage.

The anger stage can be rather frightening, or funny depending on your point of view. Anybody passing by while you stab a screwdriver into your car door might either laugh or run. And the words that spew from your mouth could land you in jail in 12 states. Other signs of the anger stage include kicking the door, screaming like an insane person at inanimate objects and promising never to swear again if only the door would magically open.

And then the final stage; calmly giving us a call.