If you lock your keys in your car, all you need to do is call your¬†locksmith in New Hampshire to resolve the issue. Keys getting locked in cars is still very common, so don’t get embarrassed when it happens to you. Even in this day and age of technology, people still somehow manage to lock their keys in their cars. But just how does somebody manage to do this?

The biggest reason people get locked out of their cars without their keys is because they somehow became distracted. We could offer a solution by telling you to pay better attention, but this is unrealistic as we are all human after all. There are also so many ways in which our attention can be drawn from the task at hand. For example, many people tell us they set their keys down to get something from their pocket, wallet or purse and just totally forgot to pick their keys back up. Kids can also be a big distraction, as can a husband, wife and even the dog. In fact, even that Starbucks coffee can distract you from making sure you have your keys with you when you exit your vehicle.

Since you are never going to eliminate your distractions, simply develop a routine so you lessen the chances of locking your keys in the car. Purchase some sort of clip, like a carabiner for example, and keep it clipped to your purse or your belt. Every time you pull your keys from the ignition, immediately secure them in your clip. Do this enough times and it becomes second nature. This way, when you do become distracted, your keys are already safely on yourself and less likely to be in your car when you exit.

It is really that simple.